1850 Rochester, New York Census

Charlotta Heick

She came to the United States in 1838 with her daughter Catherine, age 3, to look for her husband, Carl Joseph Heick. Carl had come to the United States with Charlotta's sister. When she located them, they had been killed in an accident shortly before. Charlotta raised their 3 children. Charlotta was a seamstress to Colonel Rochester's family. She also must have taken in borders as the 1850 Rochester census shows that two other ladies lived in the household. One was a French lady. In addition to her daughter, age 15 and John Heick, age 11 and Mary Heick, age 9 (Charlotta's sisters children). There was also a Charles Heick, age 38 living in the household who might have been a nephew of Carl Joseph.

This information is a little sketchy but I transcribed it the way it was recorded on the notes I was given. According to other notes, Charlotta's sister and Carl Heick had 3 children (John, Mary and Charles). Charles was born in 1838 so it may have been confused that his age was 38.

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